ThunderCakes by Courtnee began in March of 2012 as the brainchild of a Syracuse University freshman. One evening, in a dormitory with absolutely no kitchen, Courtnee Futch thought to herself about baking for profit. She baked with a small "griddle-like" appliance in her dorm room, confined in many ways by the lack of space. She was not, however, confined creatively.

That evening, ThunderCakes made it's debut to the Syracuse University community on a  with Chocolate Bacon Rice Krispie Treats. They sold out in under an hour.The combinations only grew more extreme and soulful as the weeks went on, drawing the attention of "foodies" across campus. 

Now, ThunderCakes is a remote location bakery that serves custom order cakes, brownies, cupcakes, cheesecakes and cookies. If you are looking for standard pre-made chocolate chip cookie dough then please search elsewhere, because you will not find that at ThunderCakes. 

The ThunderCakes brand is best known for its “Love and Butter” mantra, purposely chosen to embody the decadence of the product and the tons of love put into everything that leaves the ThunderKitchen.

We at ThunderCakes would like to emphasize the importance of a healthy emotional relationship with food. After all, our emotions are so largely connected to the foods that we eat. Think of a time when food made you feel at home and comforted, or loved, or it satisfied a craving...

Now let ThunderCakes make you feel that way again.  

With Love. And Butter,  

The ThunderTeam